Difficulty Level: 1 (Easy)

Time to complete: 5 minutes

Tools needed: Adhesion promoter (supplied), clean rag

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Step 1 - Preparationboxed.jpg

In the box you'll find the two chrome trim inserts, and a small tube or capsule of adhesion promoter.  The installation process for either the frunk &/or trunk is the same. Ensure that the target location is generally clean, and has not been recently treated with a trim cleaner, such as Armor All.  These leave a slightly greasy residue and will affect adhesion.  Wipe the surface with an alcohol swab, or with a wet cloth with a drop of dish soap (aka washing up liquid) to remove any grease.  Ensure the surface is completely dry before continuing.


Step 2 - More Preparationimg-7672.jpg

The 3M VHB tape is even stickier when using the (optional) supplied adhesion promoter. In other words, you do not necessarily need the adhesion promoter, but if you are looking for a permanent installation (i.e. you don't expect to remove the trim inserts without bending them), then simply apply a few drops to a rag and wipe over the target area. If your pack has applicator version, simply give it a squeeze to break the capsule inside, and use the all-in-one applicator.  The solution evaporates quickly and has a strong odor, so be sure you are in a well-ventilated space.


Step 3 - Applicationimg-7675.jpg

Remove the red film from the VHB sticky pads.  Note: Most of the time, this film is easy to remove; however, other times, you'll be ready to pull your eyelashes out bit-by-bit, as you can never seem to get hold of the film. Tweezers may help, but here's a top tip, exclusively from Abstract Ocean (we've got your back)! Take a small strip of duct tape, and press it firmly onto the red film. Carefully peel it away, and voila, off comes the red film! Sometimes, this takes a couple attempts, but it works amazingly well.


Step 4 - Placementplacement.jpg

Finally, it's time to place the trim onto the target area.  They're a perfect replica of the plastic panel that's already there, and these simple fit right over the top of those - there's nothing to remove.  You can either lower it at one end, and allow it to fall into place, or hold the edge of the trim piece, and hover over the target location until you're lined up, and then let it fall into place.  Make sure it's well positioned (if not, carefully lift it off), then simply complete the installation by applying some pressure, ideally with a clean rag, as that'll clean off any fingerprints from the installation.

Repeat as necessary until they're all applied. Now, sit back and admire your work!