How fast is shipping?

We normally ship your order within 1 business day. Orders are despatched around 8am (CST) each day except for federal holidays and Sundays.  You'll recieve an email notifcation when the package is on it's way to you.  Shipping time depends on the carrier, and your location, check out our Shipping page for more details.

Which shipping carriers do you use?

For the US and Canada, we use USPS First Class mail and Priority Mail.  For international order we use USPS First Class International mail.  We make no profit on the shipping, wherever possible it's provided at cost or less.

Will I have to pay Import Duty?

For each international shipment we have to declare a customs value.  The price we report is generally 'cost' price, which means the value is lower than you paid.  If your total order is less than $100, then you normally will not have to pay duty, but that's ultimately at the discretion of your Customs people!  So far very few, if any, of our customers have paid duty.


Why do I want a FobPocket?

The Tesla Model S is, arguably, the most signifcant car built in the last 100 years.  The key is an equally beautiful object, but suffers from form over function.  It's slippery, difficult to fix to a key ring, and easily scratched.  These simple fob holders solve all of these problems, and might save you from having to spend $270+ to replace a lost key.

Why do they not have the Tesla logo?

We recieved a letter from Tesla in February 2014 requesting we no longer advertise products with the Tesla logo.  We're trying to engage with them to discuss licencing the logo, but it's a slow process due to them being relatively unresponsive.

What else are you going to sell?

We keep adding new items.  This all started with the FobPockets, and we have some interesting new options coming soon (completely new designs and materials).  If you find something you like somewhere else, or have a suggestion of something we should sell, just let us know!