Your Privacy

We take you privacy very seriously.  We will never, ever sell your email address or any other information to any other third parties.  Unless you opt out, we will send you peridoic email newsletters.  Typically these amount to just a few per year, and each of them include an opt-out.  Mailchimp is our provider for this service, they're awesome, and adhere to all the anti-spam regulations.  we will also follow-up on new orders with a request for a review.  Again, you can opt out of these at any time, but reviews are very valuable to a small business such as this, and we read every single one.  Yotpo handle our review platform, they're awesome too.  Both Yotpo and Mailchimp have partnership agreements with our eCommerce platform, BigCommerce, ensuring your data stays secure.

For payments, we use Paypal, Braintree (also a Paypal company) and Stripe.  In all cases, we never see your credit card details, and that's how we want it.  for the same reason, we're not able to take payment over phone or email, as that can comprimise the security of your credit card.

Terms and Conditions

At the heart of this small business is a Tesla enthusiast who just wants to make the world and even better place for other Tesla owners.  It's really that's simple.  On the basis we're generally like-minded individuals, we trust my Customers, and want to make the purchasing experience really easy.  To that end, there really are no terms and conditions; if you're not happy with your order, or there's some other problem, even if it's outside of our control (hello, USPS!), we'll make it right, no matter what. Period.