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Coat Hooks (set of 2) for Model S & X

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Model S & X (see note below)

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Coat Hooks (set of 2) for Model S & X


Compatibility Note: Fits 2016-2018 Models X & S with 2nd Gen seats (must have an adjustable headrest), or any Model S with a panoramic or all glass roof (for the hooks to fit in the headlining). Not compatible with Model 3.

Made from a black powder-coated aluminium alloy, these are a strong yet lightweight addition to your hook-less Model X or Model S. If you have an S or X with the Gen 2 seats (adjustable headrests) then these will fit behind the seats, as shown in the photo. Alternatively, they'll fit in the headliner of your Model S if it has a panoramic or all-glass roof. When hanging from the headliner, be careful to not overload the hooks, we suggest no more than 20lbs/9kg.

Since these are made from metal, for safety's sake, we do recommend that they are removed when you have rear-seat passengers.