What's AORewards?aorewards-friends.jpg
We wanted a way to reward our Customers for both purchases, and the many referrals that are generated.  With AORewards, you accrue points for all your purchases, and if you'd like to refer your friends, just click in the invite link on the AORewards panel to get your own unique link.  Once your friends buy something from the store, you'll earn 250 points, which is enough for a 15% discount! 


How Do I earn Points?
You earn 10 points for every dollar you spend in the store (excl. shipping & tax), and 250 points for each successful referral.   

How Do I Redeem Points?
Just click the AORewards widget rewards-widget.jpg at the bottom of the page and click on Rewards Redemption to select a reward, then just apply the code during checkout.

The pop-ups are a Bit Annoying
We don't want to annoy you, we'll leave that to your kids/The Kardashians/your Boss.  If you'd like to opt out, click the tiny 'Withdraw' link in the bottom right corner of your AORewards panel.  We have disabled all the automated emails that are sent by the AORewards platform, so at least we're not adding to your inbox :-)

What about my Personal Information?
The rewards program is managed by SLoyalty, who are an integrated partner with our eCommerce platform, BigCommerce.  As such, they are bound by the same privacy rules.  In order to manage your rewards they are provided a summary of your purchases (just spend totals, no order details), but they never see any payment information, and nor do we, since it's all handled by PayPal and Stripe.

As always, if you have any questions, just ping us by using the Support widget at the bottom of the page, or emailing us at