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Baseball Stitched Leather FobPocket for Tesla Model X

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Baseball Stitched Leather FobPocket for Tesla Model X


Looking for a low-profile, lightweight but protective leather FobPocket to protect your precious Model X key?  Well look no further!  Check out the features:

  • Made from the same distressed top-grain leather use in the rest of our range
  • Custom-embossed with Model X buttons to mark where the trunk and frunk are, as well as the lock button.  A gentle, but deliberate squeeze will activate the falcon-wing doors
  • Designed to work with the Tesla 'string lanyard'; it loops through the case ensuring it always stays attached.  If your key didn't come with a lanyard, just add one of ours for only 79c!
  • Choose from 4 colors of hand-stitched, waxed stitching - red, silver, blue or black
  • Presented in a satin-lined giftbox

Without the key, it measures .12" thick, or 3.0mm, and weighs 0.3oz (8.5g).  This beautiful leather, like a fine wine, is very robust, and will improve with age and is designed to show scuffs and marks as it develops its own unique characteristics. 

(key shown in photo's is not included!)