Attack Of The Clones

Posted by Abstract Ocean on 14th Jun 2019

It’s 2019. The world of eCommerce is judged by the Amazon Effect; everyone expects free, fast delivery, and products at rock-bottom prices. The days of seeing stuff on an infomercial and waiting 4- … read more

G'day Y'all

Posted by Pete on 9th Aug 2014

We're please to announce our new partner in Australia, EVnomics.  Exclusively covering Australia and New Zealand, EVnomics offers most of our product portfolio, together with a curated selec … read more

About the FobPockets...

Posted by Pete on 7th Feb 2014

If you have visited Abstract Ocean looking for a huge range of FobPockets to protect your Model S key, then you're in the right place! Kinda.On February 8th 2014 I removed anything with the Tesla logo … read more