It's the 2019 Gift Guide!

Posted by Pete on 28th Nov 2019

Gift Guide

Struggling for Tesla-related gift ideas? Have that hard-to-buy-for person in your life? Well, as a hard-to-buy-for person, here are a few ideas to get you going! Full disclosure, some of the links below are Amazon affiliate links, but they’re here purely on merit, and because we actually use them.

Keeping it clean

First, confession time, we mostly clean our cars through a carwash. Since we’re always testing stuff, it’s important to make sure they’re carwash proof, but, when we get time to clean it ourselves, we tend to use the Chemical Guys products. There’s a huge choice, but our favorites are:

  • The Foam Cannon is like the coziest foam blanket for your Tesla. The suds encapsulate the dirt and grime, and leave your car smelling like success (really!)
  • The InnerClean is one of few products that does a good job on the Model 3 dash and everywhere else inside your Tesla.
  • Make sure the grit doesn’t make it on your car with this detailing bucket kit .

Pump it up

Of anything on this page, this is the gift for that hard to buy for person! This tire inflator was bought on a whim as I’m too tight to pay for air, and the only gas stations with free air either have a long line or the compressor is broken. But now I inflate the tires at home, and it’s always spot on – there’s something gratifying about seeing your Tesla displaying a perfect 42psi all around! It’s also cordless and a lot quieter than a typical air compressor.

Piano black center console = fingerprint magnet

There’s a lot of options for center console wraps, you don’t have to choose ours, but I think we’re the only one offering a six-piece set (all the panels, plus the USB ports in the back) on a single piece of vinyl, ensuring a great pattern match and simple installation. With nearly 400 five-star reviews, you can’t go wrong. Choose from nine standard colors, or customize it even more with the full range of 3M colors.

Ride the Lightning

This is the gift of a recommendation! With the stainless steel CyberTruck, worlds are colliding for @DMC_ryan over at his Ride the Lighting podcast . Long before he got his Model 3 he drove a DeLorean, so as things become full circle, Ryan gives an honest and enthusiastic weekly review of Tesla news and events.


Have you been seeing ONR all over the forums? This is Optimum No Rinse , and it’s what I use the few times per year I get to hand-clean the cars. It doesn’t strip off any wax or ceramic coatings and can help wash your car with just a couple of buckets of water. The car cleaning world is full of miracle products, but this is the real deal.

Screen time

Another plug for us – our Tempered Glass screen protectors . Again, there are lots of options, but not all are created equal, and none have our unique fitting frame to ensure perfect alignment on your Model 3 screen. The screen is such a vital component in your car, and we’ve had many customers that have damaged their screen with a rogue diamond ring, or zipper on a purse.

It’s a Date

Check out the Tesla Model 3 Charity Calendar for some gorgeous pics of Model 3’s, and discount codes to your favorite Tesla aftermarket stores, including us!

Christmas Lights

If your Tesla is lacking lights, then we have the solution for you. Our range of ultrabright lights have stood the test of time, with 70,000+ sold in the past five years. Our footwell lights are, of course, designed especially for the fussy Model 3 footwell locations, and all our bulbs are CE and RoHS certified – take no chances with your Tesla!

Stocking Stuffers

Quick suggestions:

  • Scent Wedges – make your Model 3 smell nice, and ScentWedge plants a tree for you.
  • FobPockets – where AO started in 2013, for your S, X and 3 key fobs.
  • Screen cleaner – fits in your console, perfect for a quick shine at the red light.
  • Pedestrian Warning Isolation kit . If you don’t like the weird noises your new Tesla is making, this is a fully reversible, professional solution to bring back the silence.
  • Valve Caps – cute and practical.
  • Model letters – let everyone know what you drive!

And finally, add DÆrik to your YouTube subscriptions for all kinds of Tesla news and advice, plus see how much he can spend on diecast models.

No matter how or what you celebrate, have a good one.