Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers for Model S


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Our Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers are an easy addition to your Tesla Model S, adding a sophisticated look and feel.  They're supplied as a set, one left and one right.

They're available in two finishes: High Gloss, or Matte.  As can been seen in the photos, the matte finish is matched to the spoilers fitted to most of the Performance range of Model S's.  The high gloss version is a more striking design, and has a very deep and lustrous appearance.  Both types are made from 100% woven carbon fiber, and are supplied with a 3M adhesion promoter to ensure an excellent bond.

Fitting each cover just takes a little time and patience, it's very important not to rush the installation as you only really get one chance to get it right.  We've created a short installation video here, or click the videos tab above.  The most important thing to do is practice, before removing the protective tape.  If you're still not comfortable with doing the installation yourself, many local bodyshop and car accessory retailers will be able to fit them for a small fee.

Because of the nature of these covers, once the white tape has been removed from the 3M adhesive strips, they are no longer eligible for return/refund.