Compatibility: All Model S’s with all-glass or panoramic roofs. On 2015+ Models, so minor modification of the headliner is required.

Difficulty Level: 1-2 (Easy-medium)

Time to complete: 5 minutes

Tools needed: For 2015+ Model S’s, a small knife is optional

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WARNING: No more than 4 pounds (1.8kg) of hanging items can be hung from each hook.

If you exceed this weight limit, you risk damaging the headliner.*


Installation.  The following installation instructions will enable you to install HookUp without difficulty or damage to your headliner. 

Step 1 Remove each of the two HookUp coat hooks from their envelope.
Step 2 Verify if your Model S has the modified headliner.  Tesla modified the design of the panoramic roof for some vehicles delivered after May, 2015, and now has installed an integrated light foam damper around the edge of the headliner opening for the panoramic roof. The foam damper is not easily visible, but can be identified by running your fingers along the headliner opening for the pano roof. If you feel soft foam, the damper has been installed in your vehicle.  If this applies to your Model S, proceed to Step 3, otherwise skip to Step 4
Step 3

If your Model S has the foam damper, the coat hooks will not fit properly unless you modify the foam in the area where you want to place your hook. There are two alternative approaches to these minor modifications: 

Option 1: Separate about 1 inch of the foam (it is adhered to the headliner with a light adhesive) from the headliner only in the area in which you want to place your coat hooks; slide the coat hook under the foam and onto the headliner

Option 2: Cut a small slit in the foam where you want to place your coat hook and then slide the coat hanger into the slit.

Step 4 From the rear seat on both the passenger and driver sides of the Model S, insert the Headliner Hook portion of HookUp on the headliner ridge at a location approximately half way along the rear opening of the headliner. To accomplish this, turn the hook horizontally, slide it into the space between the headliner and the pano roof glass, then tilt the hook downward to attach it.
Step 5 Pull down gently to seat the hook. Please note the weight limitation for hanging items in the WARNING at the beginning of these instructions.


HookUp is now ready to use. (see picture for final installation placement).

Relocating the hook:  If you want to re-locate the hook, DO NOT slide it along the headliner ridge. Remove it and then replace it following instructions in Step 2.

Removal:  To remove HookUP, simply push upward gently, rotate the hooked into a horizontal position and remove the Headliner Hook portion of hookup from the space between the headliner and the pano roof glass.

install1.jpg install2.jpg

Although the likelihood of any problem during modification to the foam is small, please note that Abstract Ocean is not responsible for any damage that might occur if you elect to modify the foam damper.