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Installing the Nomad Charger

How to install

First, push to open the top center console lid, then flip back the center cover (in front of the cup holders). Remove the black plastic protection piece covering the charging ports by sliding it slightly to the left.
Now remove the pre-installed pad and the charging cables by unplugging them from the ports and stringing them through the holes in the frame. 

Next, grab your Nomad Wireless Charger and feed the integrated cables through the holes in the frame and plug them into the ports. Place the charger on the frame and return the black protection piece back to the base of the console. 

Using the Splitter Cables

Please refer to the diagram below. You only need to use the splitter cable if you're using the dashcam feature on your Model 3, or are tapping power for another accessory.


Q. Does this use both front USB ports?

A. Yes, both front USB ports must be attached to this device. We have included two USB splitters to support Dashcam and USB audio compatibility, as well as the ability to charge a device via a standard USB port.

Q. What if my passenger doesn't have a wireless charging device?

A. For standard cable charging, you have three options: the 12V Power Outlet in the center console, the 2 rear USB ports, or you can operate the Wireless Charger with a USB splitter and charge through the additional USB port.

Q. Will my phone charge when the car is off?

A. No. It turns on and off with your car to avoid any battery drain.

Q. What do the LED lights indicate?

A. Charging status. Quickly receive visual confirmation if your phone is charging, or already fully charged. When a device is charging, an amber light will turn on. For devices that are fully charged, the light will turn white.

Q. What phones require the use of the included spacer?

A. If you have an iPhone 8 and don't have a case on your phone, we suggest placing the spacer on your charging pad.

Q. Does the center console lid close while phones are charging?

A. While all wireless enabled phones can charge with our charger, particularly large and hefty cases can make it difficult to close the lid on the center console