Leather Model S Screen Cleaning Pad


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The giant screen in the Model S is amazing.  No doubt. However, like any touch screen it can attract finger prints and residue.  Until now, cleaning it could be a challenge, as using a regular cleaning cloth could inadvertently activate various functions on the screen, and before you know it, you’ve opened your garage door, set the suspension to high, and tuned into The Greatest Hits of the Thompson Twins.  Nobody wants that.

Enter our very own Screen Cleaning Pad, made exclusively for your Tesla Model S.

There's two versions: a supple black top grain leather, with a constrasting red microfiber cleaning surface, and our Rustic brown leather with black microfiber cleaning surface. It shields your hands from the screen, allowing you to clean off those fingerprints with ease - no need to enter the screen-cleaning mode.  The innovative square shape allows you to get into the corners :-) Of course, it’s reusable, requires no cleaning fluid and is 100% safe for use on your precious Model S screen, even if you combine it with our Screen Protectors.  Both are embossed with the "S" emblem.  Make the most of your time waiting for a red light - buy a screen cleaning pad today!