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Model 3 Window and Door Control Decals

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Model 3
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Model 3 Window and Door Control Decals


Our door control wraps allow you to cover the piano black factory finish on the door/window controls with vinyl; this enhances the look, protects the plastic, and dramatically reduces fingerprints. Match this with wraps for your Model 3 center console, steering wheel and dash! You'll also see our door release buttons in the video; you don't need them, as this kit covers all the buttons, but they're a great upgrade!

As with all our vinyl decals, we use 3M 1080 vinyl; this is the best on the market, and conforms well to complex shapes. As some of the pieces are quite fiddly to install, we provide two full sets. One set is fully weeded, so it's ready to install. The backup set is not weeded, meaning that you simply peel off the piece(s) you need. Everything is still precision cut, but as with many of our vinyl products, the main cost of production is not the material, but the effort required to hand-finish the vinyl, so leaving one set unweeded allows us to keep the price low. Aside from the vinyl, you'll also get some wipes, and a soft squeegee in the kit.

We've taken a lot of time designing this kit, and all the button decals are over-sized, which allows them to fully wrap the buttons; this prevents the vinyl coming up at the edges on frequently-used switches (this is why we prototype for months!)

Please watch the video for details on how to install, and check the description for quick links to each of the doors.


Q. What does LHD or RHD mean?

A. LHD=Left Hand Drive (North America, most of Europe), RHD=Right Hand Drive (the UK, Australia, Hong Kong etc). The difference being, of course, that the front door designs are mirrored, as the driver's controls are on the opposite side for RHD vehicles.

Q. The installation didn't go well, I'd like to return it

A. All our vinyl products are 'single use' products, meaning they cannot be resold once used, so we're not able to provide refunds. However, we'll always work with you, but if you're really not sure you can do it, please request the return prior to installation, or consider getting someone else to help you.

Q. What happens if I mess something up?

A. You have an entire spare set included with your purchase :-)