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Magnetic Charging Cases

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Magnetic Charging Cases

$19.99 - $29.99

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Magnetic case for iPhone XS Max
Magnetic card for Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+
Vent mount Qi charger for Tesla vehicles

Protect your phone and make Qi charging a breeze!

Qi charging in cars is fraught with challenges. The temperature can vary wildly, the phone is likely being used for Waze or music, and getting great alignment on the charger is difficult. With Qi charging, just a minor misalignment can dramatically reduce the charge-rate.

We've tested every option out there. Seriously. Every one. Xvida is the best option for magnetic Qi charging. These magnetic wireless charging cases deliver cool performance in any situation while elegantly protecting your phone.

Available in two finishes/materials:

  • The durable Black TPU cover features tactile button covers, raised lip screen protection, and scratch-resistant microfiber interior lining. It's smooth to the touch, but with grippy edges.
  • The silicone cover has the same raise lip to protect the screen, with a little more cushioning thanks to the silicone rubber. It's easy to grip all round.

Bundle with a car mount for a great Qi charging solution, with active cooling, one-hand operation and a ludicrous-proof magnetic bond!

Already have your own case, or prefer your phone to go commando? In that case, try one of our ultra-slim magnetic cards.

Designed in California, manufactured in the EU.