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Magnetic Phone Holder Spares

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Magnetic Phone Holder Spares

$2.99 - $3.99

In need of some spares for your Slimline or Original Magnetic Phone mounts?  Maybe you have another car, or would like to have a handy place at home or in the office to stick your phone?  Great!  Choose from the options below. 

Please note: the metal disks will not stick well to glass-backed phones, such as the iPhone 8 & X.  This is due to the oloephobic coating applied to them.  If you use a case, then the disk will stay in place (either on the case, or in-between the case and phone, but the disks are not recommended on 'naked' glass-backed phones.



Upgraded Magnetic Puck

This kit includes the upgraded magnetic 'puck' that fits on your existing ball, and two matching slimline (large) disks. Use this option if you have a heavier phone or thicker case.


Original to Slimline Upgrade Kit

This kit includes the magnetic 'puck' that fits on your existing ball-mount, and two slimline disks that you fit to the outside, or underneath your phone case.


Spare Disks (Slimline only - Regular or Large) 

Have other devices that you'd like to stick on your slimline ball-mount?  This kit comes with 2 spare disks.


Spare Magnetic Socket (Original only) 

Have other devices that you'd like to stick on your original ball-mount?  This kit comes with one magnetic socket.


Spare Ball-Mount (Original and Slimline) 

Need another mount?  Maybe for your office desk, refrigerator, or by your bedside?  This kit comes with one Ballmount.


Sticker Pack (Original and Slimline)

Need some spare sticky pads?  this kit covers all the options with 4 pads and a cleaning swab.


All kits are supplied with the nesessary 3M VHB sticky pads and cleaning swab.