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Model 3 Noise Reduction Kit

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Model 3 (LHD & RHD)
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Model 3 Noise Reduction Kit


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Made from a single length of EPDM rubber (generally used in the automotive industry for seals due to its' suitability for outdoor use), this fills the gap around the top glass roof panel on your Model 3, and helps to reduce wind noise. The result will of course vary by speed, road surface and wind speed, but also by Model 3, as the gap tolerances can be quite variable. Watch Erik's video below for a detailed study of the noise reduction, which averaged around 5db.

Installation just takes a few minutes, no tools or expertise needed. Ensure you work it around the car, and if there's any slack, just keep going around until it's all gone; this will ensure a long-lasting fit. Please watch our video for a quick overview:

Or watch Erik's awesome video: