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Ultra-Bright LED Lights - Model X

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Model X

Easily the most and best reviewed accessory for your Tesla anywhere! Welcome to the original lighting upgrade, with nearly 100,000 in the wild, you can be confident these will last. This page is all about Model X, but we also have them for Model 3 and Model S if that's what you need. The more you buy, the better the price becomes!

The Model X has 13 light locations that we’ve highlighted. Unfortunately, the falcon wing doors do not have lights that are upgradeable, but all the other locations are easy to access and switching them out makes a huge difference.

Popular Configurations

  • A 'full set' of bulbs is 11 white lights (or whatever color you'd like), and 2 red lights for the front doors
  • Want puddle lights? These are sold in pairs, so just reduce the 11 bulbs to 9

Ultra-Bright LED Lights