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Scent Wedge for Model 3

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Model 3

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Scent Wedge for Model 3


We're so exciting to present Scent Wedge for your Model 3! Hand-made in the US by a fellow Model 3 owner, these represent an all-natural solution to keeping the air fresh in your Model 3.

For every order placed, a tree is planted on your behalf.

Fragrances are such a personal thing, but we smell subtle, woody notes with a hint of smokey sweetness. These are made with 100% essential oils infused within a small walnut wood wedge that fits snugly in the air vent channel just above the wood (or white) dash trim on your Model 3. This isn't an overpowering air freshener, rather it's a subtle reminder to help you start the morning. If the scent fades, you can reactivate it by turning up the heat for a few minutes, so why not try the 'romance mode' Easter egg and crank up the fire :-)

In the pack:

  • 4 scent wedges (1 month supply)
  • Individually packed in sets of two


 To Install:

  • Tear open the foil pack and remove two of the Scent Wedges
  • Reseal the foil pack to keep the other two wedges fresh
  • Place one wedge on each side of the car in the air channel just above the wooden/white trim strip on your dash
  • Push it down to ensure a snug fit, don't worry, they pop back out easily