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Screen Protectors - 9H (Tempered Glass) for Model 3

Really the best thing you can do it watch the video, and remember the golden rules of applying a big giant screen protector! ie:

  • turn off the AC to minimize airflow (and dust circulation)
  • Dust is your enemy; do everything you can to prevent dust getting under the screen protector
  • Make use of the included dust grabbers to dab around the screen before lowering the screen protector
  • We include tape to help with the installation, but because the screen protector has an oleophobic later (to resist fingerprints), no tape will stick very well to it. Take care when maneuvering the protector, and if necessary use additional tape to ensure it doesn't slip while you're moving it around
  • Place a towel under the screen, just in case the screen protector slips during installation
  • It's a big screen, awkwardly angled, so it really takes time to get the positioning just right. Check all four corners and all the edges before removing the protective backing sheet, and re-position if needed.

With that said, please watch the video - this was a first-time installation, so should give a good idea of how easy it really use, using the supplied accessories, and just taking a little bit of time. Good luck!!