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Silicone Keyring FobPockets (Model S ) - The Colors

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Silicone Keyring FobPockets (Model S ) - The Colors


The Keyring Colors

New for 2017, this version of our top-selling Model S Silicone FobPocket features a more compact design by losing the key-chain (but keeping the key-ring).  We've also redesigned the mounting point for the keyring to make it even stronger while reducing the overall size.  If you'd like a version with a key-chain check out our original version.

Just like all of our Silicone designs, you're looking at the snuggest, cutest FobPocket for your Tesla Model S key.  It's created from a premium silicone formula, which has a wonderfully smooth, silky feel - not at all annoying or grippy.  But you don't have to believe us, with over 30,000 silicone FobPockets in circulation, you can be confident this is a great option for your key!

You're looking at our Color collection, with options to match every color of Model S, plus a few bonus colors. 

Not only do these offer excellent protection for your key, but they also feature embossed buttons on the top surface to help you find the hidden buttons on top of your key.  And, we didn't just use a generic car image, we designed our own embossed Model S; it's all about the details, we've been part of the Model S family since 2013, and everything we design is something we'd want to use ourselves.

This is the ideal FobPocket option for anyone with an 'active' lifestyle, it can take the knocks, and since the battery compartment is sealed by the silicone FobPocket, it even provides a degree of protection from water, though we still don't recommend showering or cliff-diving with your key.

Don't forget, your Model S key is at least $410 to replace, protect your investment now with one of these superb-value silicone FobPockets.