Ultra-Bright Blue LED Lights


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these are the same great lights used for our top-rated Ultra Bright LED lights, but with a blue lens. Recommended for use in the in-direct lighting locations, i.e. foot wells, they add a subtle touch of color and ambiance to the interior of your S, X or 3. They are a plug 'n' play replacement for the OEM bulbs that came standard in your Tesla, the same in every regard, except being 16x brighter. And blue :-)

Buy as a two or four-pack depending on what you need. 

For Model 3, please note: More recent Model 3 builds appear to have an issue using these bulbs. They light for a while, then go out, and stay out, normally until the car 'wakes'. We think this is to do with with software/solid-state fuses being particularly sensitive. We're working on a new resistor design to overcome this issue, but for now we recommend not purchasing these bulbs for your Model 3.