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Tempered Glass (9H) Screen Protector for the Tesla Model S & X

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Tempered Glass (9H) Screen Protector for the Tesla Model S & X

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After the success of our 9H protectors for the Model 3, it seems only fair that we make them for S & X as well!

Our tempered glass screen protectors are available in HD Clear or Matte, and feature:

  • Scratch and shock resistant - will not shatter
  • An oleophobic coating to help resist and clean off fingerprints
  • Installation kit with:
    • Cleaning wipe (wet)
    • Cleaning cloth (dry)
    • Dust absorbers
  • These fit edge-to-edge and top to bottom, so once fitted you really don't know there's a screen protector there. The bezel around the screen, and the fact that glass isn't very bendy (!), means that we've sized this as large as we can, while still allowing it to fit under the bezel.

The packaging includes basic instructions, and a link to our installation guide and video - please watch it, it'll make the installation in your S & X really easy.

Not sure which to choose? Nobody else makes matte tempered glass protectors, and it does a great job at minimizing glare, and virtually getting rid of visible fingerprints altogether. That said, the matte does reduce the clarity of the screen, so if that's going to bother you, we recommend the HD Clear option, which is basically invisible when applied. You still benefit from the oleophobic coating, which helps to resist fingerprints (just like your phone does), but more importantly makes them a breeze to clean off, especially with one of our screen cleaning pads :-)