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High Definition Ultra Low Profile Blind Spot Mirrors

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High Definition Ultra Low Profile Blind Spot Mirrors


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You: Seriously, blind spot mirrors for the most advanced car on the road?!?

Us: Yep!

Every other manufacturer uses lights in or near the mirror, but the display on the S/X/3 dash just isn't enough to draw your attention to, and the lack of audible feedback if you attempt to move over in front of another vehicle doesn't help matters.

So, here we present our mirrors.  Our wonderful, cool mirrors. After a lot of testing we believe these are the very best option, in terms of aesthetics and functionality.  You can buy larger, uglier mirrors, but as with everything we sell, we want the installed product to complement the look of your Tesla.  With a complete lack of any bezel, our High-def, ultra-low profile mirrors blend seamlessly into your existing side mirrors, and the tough surface ensures they stay looking good.  Fixed with a disk of 3M VHB tape, and supplied with a pre-application cleaning cloth, these mirrors will stick with you!  They measure 2", or 50.8mm across.

Application: Decide the preferred position for your mirrors; most users apply them to the bottom left or bottom right of the main mirror. Clean the area, remove the protective film from the adhesive pad and apply with firm pressure for about 10 seconds to ensure a good bond.

Should you ever need to remove a mirror, slide some dental floss behind it to break the adhesive bond.