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Carbon Fiber Decals for Tesla Model S

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Carbon Fiber Decals for Tesla Model S


In partnership with our friends at iCarbons, we're please to present our Carbon Fiber skins for your Tesla Model S (looking for Model X? Right here!)

Choose from 3 options:

  • Inserts for the wheel center caps
  • Indicators (pre-AP2 only)
  • Rear "T" on the liftgate

Each pack ships with an application tool, a link to our installation guide and an exclusive 25% discount code for anything from the iCarbons site.

Made here in the US, each skin is precision-cut for your Model S from the very best Carbon Fiber effect film.  We use a 3M 1080 film, featuring 'Comply Adhesive Technology' which virtually eliminates bubbles, simplifying and speeding up application. This also allows for residue free removal if you ever decide to remove it.  It's not just a printed texture; it has a true 3D texture, replicating the look of real carbon fiber.  Our skins have survived a Texas winter (don't laugh - it snowed TWICE!), a Texas summer and - gasp - multiple automatic car washes.

Application is easy; make sure the target area is clean, free of dirt or dust, then just take your time applying the skins.  The applicator tool allows for a more preceise application, and helps avoid the need to touch the skins with your finger, which is harmless, but reduced adhesion.  The wheels are the fiddliest, so we provide a spare in case of any issues.  A link to our instructions is included with the pack.