Foot-well light brackets for Model S - One Pair (Tesla Part 1016677-00-A)


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These are for Model S's that are lacking the Premium Lighting package, and for use with our Ultra-Bright LED lights to provide foot-well lighting for rear passengers.  All Model S's have the required wiring already in place, regardless of trim level, so if you're looking to add foot-well lighting for your rear passengers, you'll need a pair of these. Sold as a pair, these are now custom-manufactured for us, as Tesla were not able to provide sufficient stock.

Please refer to part 4 of our installation instructions for further details on how these are fitted.

Note: Since April(ish) 2017 Model S's ship with a different bracket assembly under the seats, so these brackets are no longer needed.  These brackets are not required nor compatible with the Model X seats.