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Jack Adaptors

$27.99 - $105.00

These adaptors are a must-have for any Tesla owner. The jack lift-points on a Tesla are not the same as any other car, and lifting the car incorrectly risks damage to the battery tray or side skirts.

Made in the USA, the APDTY Jack Lift Point Pad Adaptors are the best around. Get s single adaptor if you change your wheels at home, or choose a set of four if you take your Tesla to a tire shop. A good shop will have these adaptors, but why take the chance - the set of four ships in a tube that you can keep in your trunk.

Each adaptor is custom made for either the Model S, 3 or X, and feature a rubber pad to protect any paint around the jacking point, and a rubber o-ring (the orange o-ring) to allow you to pre-install the adaptor in the jacking point before lifting the jack to it - this makes aligning the pad very easy.

To Use

Simply insert the jack pad adaptor in the lift point on your Tesla. If you're not sure where to look, find the round receptacle along the edge of the car, just inside each of the wheels. Once the jack pad is inserted, slowly lift the jack until it engages with the pad, then continue to lift the car. Once you've completed your work, slowly lower the car, remove the jack, and then remove the jack adaptor.