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Model 3 Performance Pedals

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Model 3 (LHD only)
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Model 3 Performance Pedals

$19.99 - $37.99

Give your Model 3 pedals the performance look! Our pedals really upgrade the look of the factory pedals; if you take a close look at the basic accelerator pedal, you'll see that it's very basic, and not at all becoming of a Model 3!

Tesla (when they have stock) charge $150 for their Performance pedals; get the same look for a fraction of the price!

Made from brushed stainless steel and (non-stinky) PPE rubber, these are an easy upgrade to your Model 3. Be wary of other versions which claim to be compatible with all Teslas, the Model 3 pedals are slightly smaller than S/X. These are designed to be a perfect fit for Model 3. 

Optionally, you can add the matching dead-pedal cover to complete the look; we recommend it.It slots over the existing dead-pedal, and has grooves cut out to allow the existing material to show through, so there's no change to the 'feel' where your foot hangs out :-)

Available for Left Hand Drive (LHD) vehicles, i.e. North America, most of Europe etc) and Right Hand Drive (RHD), which applies to the UK, Australia, Hong Kong etc)

Installation Instructions

This is technically a very easy installation, but it helps to have quite strong fingers :-) The rubber composition used is the same as that on the factory pedals, which means that once fitted, they're not going anywhere, but you do have to manipulate the rubber to get it over the pedal. If you can, leave the pedals in the sun for an hour before installation (with the rubber side facing the sun), as that'll help relax the rubber and make it more flexible.

  1. Remove the existing rubber pedal cover on the brake (there's no cover on the accelerator). Do this by reaching behind the pedal, and folding back the rubber around the edges.
  2. To fit the new brake cover, start from the bottom, by fitting the cover from the bottom and sliding up. Then work the rubber around the edges of the pedal until it's fully in place. You can use you phone camera to check everything looks good.
  3. Use the same technique for the accelerator pedal. THere's a small finger notch on the right side of the back of the pedal to assist with the fitment.
  4. If you purchased the dead-pedal, first clean the existing dead-pedal area with the included wipe (if it's very dirty, please clean it first with a soapy solution, and allow to dry)
  5. Then remove the red protective tap from the adhesive film, and position it as close to the target area without allowing it to touch. Use the grooves to assist with alignment. Once happy with the positioning, complete the installation by applying even pressure to stick the dead-pedal cover in place.

If you think you're fingers aren't quite up to it, consider buying a basic trim removal/pry kit, as it'll make the job easier. This is a good option

Finally, check out this video from Model 3 Manual: