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Model 3 Center Console Vinyl Wraps

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Model 3 Center Console Vinyl Wraps


Why do you need these? If you have a Model 3, it can't have escaped your attention that piano black finish is a total fingerprint magnet, and easily scratched. Our vinyl wraps both protect and enhance the appearance of the console with some really cool finishes. Some details:

  • 3M 1080 film - with it's Air Release technology, it's easily the best vinyl for this application
  • Each piece is Precision-cut for a perfect installation
  • Supplied with an application tool to make the installation really easy
  • 'No tears' installation guarantee :-)

New to the range - White carbon fiber. for anyone wanting to match the white interior!

Our video shows how to install (and remove) the wrap. The 3M vinyl is very forgiving, and with a little time and patience, you can achieve an 'OEM' finish - anyone sitting in your Model 3 won't know that it didn't arrive that way from the factory.

Please take the time to watch the videos, but, if you do have an issue, just reach out to us as and we'll ship you the first replacement piece at no cost within one business day.


Q. I screwed up one of the pieces. What can I do?

A. The vinyl is really forgiving, and if there's a crease or stretch, applying some warm air (from a hair drying, or even leaving your car in the sun) can often restore its original shape and allow you a do-over. But, if all hope is lost, you can take advantage of our 'no tears' guarantee, and we'll send your first replacement piece completely free. If you need more than one piece, then there's a flat charge of $10 for each additional piece (but no, we can't send you 3 different replacement pieces to make a cheap full set ;-))

Q. Do you sell clear film (PPF)?

A. No. The clear film (clear bra) needs to be floated on using a mild soap solution. The application isn't very easy for inside the car, so for that reason we don't offer the option. However, we do offer other black options.

Q. Which is easier to install?

A. The heavier textured finishes (carbon fiber, matrix black) are easier, as they're slightly thicker, and more tolerant of the odd speck of dust that might get caught under the film. The Brushed finishes are the next, since they still have a texture and are slightly heavier. The smooth finished do take a bit longer to install, and the surface must be completely clean.

Q. Which is the easiest to live with?

A. The Carbon Fiber is the toughest film, because of the heavier texture it's difficult to scratch or see fingerprints. The brushed finishes are thinner, but generally fall into the same category. The matrix finish is also tough, but has a more matte finish so will show greasy marks or 'Starbucks' rings. The matte finishes tend to show the most marks, so if this is a concern to you, consider the satin options as a good compromise. 

Q. How are these made?

A. Each piece is cut in-house using commercial vinyl cutters, following a custom design created in a vector graphics package. We only use 3M 1080 vinyl due to it's long-life and ease of application.

Q. I'd like another color/finish

A. No problem, if we can get it, we'll cut it. Please reach out to us with details of what you need. You can see all the available color options here (35Mb download).

Q. Does it completely cover all the piano black plastic?

A. If fitted perfectly, yes. In reality, a completely perfect application can be challenging, but all the lines and curves are smoothly cut, and even if there's a little bit of the piano black showing through, the sharp edges will ensure it's not noticeable.

Q. Can this be removed?

A. Yes, easily. The longer the vinyl is there, the stronger the bond becomes, but it can always be removed without causing any damage to the original piano black finish. Just lift an edge, and start to carefully pull it away at a sharp angle. 

Q. I'm not sure I can do this :-/

A. Admittedly, it's not for everyone. If you're hesitant, check your local vinyl and window tint shops. This is no more 15 minutes work for an experienced pro, so if you're already there to get your windows tinted, or a clear-bra, the cost should be minimal.

Q. What's your favorite?

A. We love the brushed finishes. The Brushed Titanium is the closest match to the metal dash trim in the Model 3, but the brushed steel has a really nice hue to it, so it's tough to chose between them. The Carbon Fiber is the easiest to fit, and more typical of what you'd find inside a car, so we love that one too, but as always it's a personal thing. Currently, we're rocking the matrix black.