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Model 3 Front Door Pocket Color Lens

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Model 3 (Premium /Partial Premium interior)
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Model 3 Front Door Pocket Color Lens


Finally you can match the color of your front door pocket (bin) lights to your footwell lights! 

If you didn't know, each Premium Model 3 has a small, white LED shining into the door pocket. The LED is recessed, so it's not easily upgraded, so we've developed our premium light lens to match the our footwell lights. Sold as a pair, these are designed for the front doors.

Perfectly shaped, and made from the same lens material used in our footwell lights, these just take a few second per door to install. Of course, you don't have to match your footwell lights, feel free to mix things up!


  1. The narrower end of the lens goes nearer the door (so the wider end is facing you as you install them.
  2. Before exposing the adhesive, practise positioning the lens
  3. Once happy, remove the paper, and finalize the installation!