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Sentry Window Decal

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Model S, 3 & X
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Sentry Window Decal

$3.50 - $6.99

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New! By popular demand, we now have two of our most popular options (White design 1, and black design 5) in a 'mirrored pair', so that the sentry 'eye' tucks into the corner of the window in each side. You can order these as a set of two, or you can order any of the labels as singles so that you can mix n match.

Let everyone know your car has a state-of-the-art threat detection system! Each sticker is 4.56" x 1.89" (116mm x 48mm). Sold as a single unit, these stick inside the car.

Our American-made 'front-adhesive' stickers are available in 8 designs (4 black, and 4 white) and have a UV laminate to ensure the colors remain vibrant. They are designed to be placed inside the windows, facing out. If you have a very heavy tint, then we recommend the white versions for best visibility. Note, US shipping is free if your order is more than $10. Please see below for other FAQs.

What kind of adhesive do front adhesive stickers have?

Our front adhesive stickers have a front facing removable adhesive. The adhesive is designed to not leave any glue or residue behind.

How do I apply front adhesive stickers?

Front adhesive stickers can be applied by hand. Using a credit card to smooth out bubbles will ensure an even surface.

Are front adhesive stickers matte or glossy?

Neither. Front adhesive stickers are printed on clear material and have an adhesive on the front, printed side of the sticker. Consequently, they have neither a matte or gloss finish.

How thick are front adhesive stickers?

Our front adhesive stickers are 12 mils (304 microns) thick total. The peeled sticker is 4.5 mils (114 microns) thick.

Are front adhesive stickers reusable?

No. Our front adhesive stickers are designed for one time application.

Can front adhesive stickers be viewed from either side?

No. Our front adhesive stickers are printed with an under-layer of white to improve print opacity. You will only be able to see white from the back side.

Are front adhesive stickers removable?

Yes. Our front adhesive stickers are able to be removed without leaving behind residue or glue. This can be done by hand or with a razor blade.