Ultra-Bright LED Puddle Lights (pair)

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Unconditional 2 year warranty

**April 24 - "T" lights are coming, they will ship by April 27. Your order will be held until we have stock, so if it contains other items, please consider placing to orders if you're in a rush**

We know a thing or two about LED lights in the Tesla vehicles, having sold more than 45,000 of these.  So we've taken all that experience and developed our exclusive Ultra-Bright Puddle lights.  Offered in packs of two, and initially with four designs, they are plug 'n' play compatible with S, X and 3. Featuring:

    • The brightest puddle lights available
    • An unrivalled 2 year warranty
    • Custom circuitry to ensure a long life
    • A higher-quality projection film for clarity and longevity
    • Completely plug and play - just pop the existing puddle lights out and plug these in

Your Model S and 3 has puddle lights in all four doors (4 in total, so two packs) and the X has two (so one pack), one in each of the front doors.  Choose from six designs:

    • The Tesla "T"
    • The Tesla "S"
    • The Tesla "X"
    • The Tesla "3"
    • The Tesla "≡"
    • The SpaceX "X"

The packaging has a link to our instructions, or you can view them here.  They're very easy to install, this is a 10 minute project for most people.  You can also view Erik's great installation video here.

Have a request for another design or color?  Let us know!  Engineering the bulbs was difficult, but adding new projection designs is relatively easy.  Shoot us a quick one-liner with your ideas using the support widget at the bottom of the page.