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USB Multi-color Accent Light (pair)

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USB Multi-color Accent Light (pair)

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Shipping as a pair, our USB LED lights are ideal for lighting up the rear footwell of your model 3, since there's no other lighting there. But don't limit yourself, these can be used wherever there's a powered USB port, so in your center console, or even in another car!

They feature 8 pre-set colors and a color-cycle, using two high-brightness LEDs:


You can set the brightness level by pressing the small button on top (press and hold for two seconds, and release at the desired level):


You can set the light to pulse, or be always-on with a quick double-tap of the button.

A small sensor on top will turn off the light if the ambient light is so bright that you'd get no benefit from the LED light. In reality, the rear of Model 3, and the center consoles, tend to be quite dark locations, so it'll be rare that the sensor activates.

The lights will stay on for as long as the USB port is providing power. Model 3 keeps the ports powered for a long time after the car is exited, but don't worry, these light consume a tiny amount of power - 0.145w at their maximum brightness, and just 0.018w at the lowest brightness. In context, a Black Vue dashcam consumes 4.2w, or 29x the consumption at maximum brightness. These lights will have a negligible impact on your battery.