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Wheel Bands

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Model S, 3 & X
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Wheel Bands

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Defending Rims with Style!

After testing a few solutions, we've settled on Wheel Bands as the best solution for your Model 3, S or X.

They're compatible with most of the factory wheel options (including the Model 3 aero covers, if fitted to the outside of course), with the exception of the Model 3 20" Performance wheels, and the Model X 22" black onyx wheels. If you have after-market options, please check that your wheel has a 1/4" bead around the outside edge to stick the wheel bands to, please refer to the illustration below:  


Wheel band profile

As always, beware of cheaper clones, Wheel Bands are guaranteed for 2 years, and specifically formulated not to fade.

Made in the USA, they provide protection to your rims, and look great. You can choose a dramatic color to really make your wheels stand out, or the black finish which just blends with the tire, but still provides the same great protection from low-speed 'curb rash'. If you already have some curb rash, then they can be applied over the top of it, as long as it's relatively minor, and there's still a good surface for the wheel band to adhere to.

If you do kiss a curb with your wheel bands, then we also sell single-wheel kits so you don't have to buy another full set.

Each set is supplied with:

  • Track - enough for at least 4x 22" wheels, choose from Black, Silver or Red
  • Insert - also enough for at least 4 x 22" wheels, choose from multiple colors - all UV-stable
  • Wipes, application tool and full instructions

It's really important to use the supplied wipes to clean the application area. Also note that wheels with a protective coating (ceramic, Opticoat, after-market high-gloss coating etc) are not compatible, as the coating doesn't allow for a good bond with the 3M tape. Apply when the temperature is warmer than 50f/15c.

We'll have videos and pictures coming soon, but in the meantime checkout the installation video by Wheel Bands here.